Nature activities

At your own pace – walking, trotting or galloping – discover the region on horseback with Marine or in a carriage with Johan and Sylvie-Anne Hofmans (Roberts Monty Centre).


Visit an ecological garden

Take the time to stop at the Hymenoptera Garden, a sanctuary for biodiversity.
Sebastien Heim, a passionate naturalist, offers you a guided tour from April to October by appointment.


Bike touring

Short or long itineraries combine for the pleasure of all!
A covered and closed bicycle garage, luggage transport to the next stopover accommodation and tools are available.


A few meters from your lodge, many trails allow you to recharge your batteries in the forest and discover the surrounding castles. Contact us to organize hikes with a guide


Observation of the sky and its stars

For the Night of the Stars or a dedicated evening, explore the sky while letting yourself be guided by the Centre d’Observation et d’Action and its president, Joseph Diss, geologist and astronomer.
Contact us for any information:

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Discover the region’s natural resources… The activities offered range from going out to listen to the deer’s bellow to bathing in forest and woodland therapy.

Cultural activities

Visit to the Museum of the House of Castles

Why so many castles on such a small territory? You will learn more by visiting the museum, alone or with a guide who will be delighted to tell you the stories of these impressive monuments.


Discovery of the Four-à-Chaux site, part of the Maginot Line.

Built between 1930 and 1935, the Four-à-Chaux in Lembach is one of the major sites of the Maginot Line in Alsace.


Other cultural activities

Discover the heritage riches of the Northern Vosges. The activities offered range from visits to museums and historic sites to meetings with local producers and craftspeople.


Gourmet activities

Culinary workshops

Lovers of cooking and the art of living: all year round, Georges Flaig, trained with the great masters Loiseau and Westermann, offers you cooking workshops.
Feel free to consult the calendar and book your workshop.

Visit to the Steinbach Farm and tasting of goat cheese

Pierre and Rita Sturtzer raise their goats in a charming flower farm. They invite you to visit it, buy cheeses and get to know their trade secret, attend the milking or feeding of the animals.


Wellness activities

Sauna and Bath of Patagonia

Between relaxation and harmony, come and discover the benefits of a sauna or a Patagonian bath open to the forest. A dive into nature.
Free access from 3pm to 7pm.


Untie tensions, release stress, become aware of yourself and release your energy... Explore the range of wellness massages with organic essential oils provided by Dasa Faith, Best Spa Practitioner in France 2018.
Booking by email or by phone +33 6 59 43 62 66