Our stays are designed to allow you to recharge your batteries, reconnect with nature and yourself by awakening your five senses...not to mention the sixth.

Expand your field of vision

Sight is at the heart of our philosophy and the Midnight Blue spirit. Open to nature, our lodges offer a relaxing visual setting. Their sleek and elegant interiors provide great serenity.
At night, the skylight allows you to admire the skies with a relaxed head, and a telescope invites you to observe them even more closely.
Walks to discover the flora and fauna and visits to the cultural heritage will also delight your pupils.

Listen to your desires

We don't always realize it, but noise pollution is permanent in the city. Without knowing it, we feel a vital need to take the time to hear nature: the rustle of leaves, the song of birds...
The awakening of the auditory sense continues in the lodge where an ecological speaker allows you to listen to music or practice meditation in complete peace of mind.

Finding simple tastes

To allow you to recharge your batteries, there is nothing better than to rediscover the pleasure of tasting exquisite, local quality products.

In Alsace, your sensory stay takes full meaning at dinner time, in the gourmet restaurant Anthon, where the chef, Georges Flaig, trained with the great masters Loiseau and Westermann, invites you to discover the flavours of Alsace in a light and fresh version.
Throughout the year, he varies his menu according to the season, with products from his vegetable garden or from local producers.
The restaurant also offers cooking workshops for those who would like to go further in this exploration of taste (for a fee).

Sensing and smelling

The nose is of course not left out! The scents of nature, local products on your plate, not to mention organic massage oils during moments of well-being, are all pleasures for the sense of smell.

Touching and be touched

Your touch will also be satisfied. The lodges are built with noble materials including charred wood that you will enjoy touching, as you will enjoy feeling sensing nature, grass, trees, under your fingers and feet.
Then it is the contact of water on your body, in the Patagonian bath, which will give you a pleasant feeling of well-being, prolonged by the expert touch during a highly relaxing massage.

Let intuition speak for itself

We don't have five senses, we have six. Our stays are also an opportunity for an extra sensory journey, within ourselves. We listen to our "little inner music", to discover our true aspirations, connect to our deep resources, and totally let go.