Anseau Delassalle, designer and co-founder of Novablok

Everything in Anseau Delassalle’s journey seems to have led him to the Novablok adventure. His studies in graphic art at ESAG Penninghen in Paris, his experiences as a designer in fashion, his passion for architecture…

In 2009, he met Julien Ménard, interior designer. “I felt the need to leave the pixel for the real, to create something tangible. Very quickly we wanted to design and build our own concept-house, in contact with nature. »
“The fashion of the day was containers and wooden huts. We really wanted to dust off the image of the wooden house, make it beautiful, with noble materials. Our approach was aesthetic down to the last detail, with a pure, minimalist design. Charred wood, for example, helps prevent fires and is an excellent natural insect repellent. »
Novablok’s concept is simple: a non-anchored, customizable habitat in direct contact with nature, to live at your own pace. “With a large bay window, nature is in full HD! I like the idea of it being like a boat, to travel through the forest in the heart of the elements.”