Rita Jacob Bauer, General Manager of the Regional Natural Park of Vosges du Nord

Trained as an architect, Rita Jacob Bauer joined the Vosges du Nord Regional Nature Park team in June 2009 as a Planning and Development Project Manager. In particular, she works on architectural heritage, with the objective of limiting the loss of agricultural land and on soil artificialization to preserve biodiversity and local agriculture. In October 2018, she took over the management of the park at the age of 36.
Created in 1975, the Vosges du Nord Natural Park, which borders Germany, was recognized as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1989. With her team, Rita Jacob Bauer strives to preserve this natural richness by working on several axes, such as the reintroduction of the lynx and permanent grasslands. “We try to make sure that the cows graze. This is good for them and for consumers and it is excellent for biodiversity. This is also of economic interest to the farmer. »
In addition, a charter has been put in place to promote the economic development of local tree species – mainly beech and Scots pine – and the economic development of the wood sector. “We highlight everything that can be done with beech, in construction or office furniture,” she explains.
As soon as she took office, Rita showed an interest in setting up the lodges inside the park. “It’s an exciting project. The relationship to nature, to the stars. This corresponds perfectly to the general philosophy of the park, with a real environmental concern in the design of the lodges, the choice of products. The concept is also original with this emphasis on night skies. »